Monday, February 9, 2009


I have blog hosting regret. I wish this were a pretty Tumblr blog, but we're bogged down with this blogspot blog. So I've decided to constantly change the colors until I'm satisfied or Droidaphone is annoyed. Droidaphone airs his annoyances, yet despite them, he's a pretty patient person. You kinda have to be that way if you're going to be knowing me for a while.

I have some media-related posts that might be added to this blog. Basically I'll be posting some of my academic papers if they come back with a good grade. Yes, I love to masturbate textually and leave it all for the world to see.

Speaking of regret, we never did post our top things and album lists. That can still happen right? I mean this blog's very title is about high school nostalgia and boners, so it can happen.

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